The book & Hillin Jones

The Malungun Journal a 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards finalist, is the lyrical, darkly humorous personal diary of Henry Jennings, a middle-aged man invalided before his time by the Viet Nam War, his family and guilt. Using his journal as a whip against neighbors he's come to hate, his writing reveals a man lost in past glories, mired in a deep sense of injustice, afraid of love and scornful of connection. As the days in his journal pass, his writing becomes a way to forge a link to those he loves and opens an ever widening path back to hope and forgiveness.

Hillin Jones was born and raised in the south spending many childhood summers in and around Culpeper, Virginia, the setting for his first novel, The Malungun Journal. He served in the US Navy in Cuba and aboard an aircraft carrier as a cinematographer from 1969 to 1973. He moved to the West Coast after his service and became, among other things, a teacher and award winning fine-art photographer. Currently living in Portland, Oregon, he's traveled to Europe, Brazil, Mexico and Cuba with his most recent trip being a 2000 mile trek across India in a tuk-tuk with his son. His next novel is a murder mystery set in Florida and Havana in 1963.

A rare find.

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